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Christian Schoenig is an American artist who uses reclaimed metal to create beautiful sculptures depicting beasts of land, sea, air and myth. New in 2023, Christian has begun creating home décor items as well as zombie/post-apocalyptic styled sharp things.


While living with his future wife in St. Johnsbury, Vermont after college, Christian saw a flyer at the grocery store for an artistic welding class being offered by a local metal artist in nearby Wheelock, Vermont. The class introduced Christian to oxy-acetylene welding and the ability to liquify and transform metal into new forms. Christian was hooked.


Since then, he has created metal sculptures using reclaimed materials sourced from old farm dumps, scrap metal dumpsters, small engine repair shops, generous local mechanics and the like.


Christian’s work has been featured in several galleries throughout Vermont and appears in private collections around the US and Europe.


Christian attended Lyndon State College in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom where he studied graphic design. He currently lives in Barre, Vermont with his wife Jen and daughters Cheyenne, Lily and India.

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