Bernard the Benevolent

20" L x 6" W x 14" H


To me, Bernard the Benevolent is a stately little tropical fish. The pop of color provided by the magneto segment give Bernard a touch of warmth. His springy innards, coupled with the almost organically curved piece that transitions the fish to the base help imply aquatic movement. (At least, that is my interpretation). ​

Bernard was created using a motorcycle sprocket, semi brake springs, a motorcycle magneto segment, metal shears, a drill bit, a variety of tool handles and other bits whose origins escape my mind.

*Bernard the Benevolent is currently on display at Artisans' Gallery in Waitsfield, VT. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please email Christian for pricing and shipping information. 

© 2020 by Christian Schoenig ~ Metal Artist. 

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