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26" L x 6" W x 12" H


Magneto Mackerel, for me was really driven by some of it's components; specifically the motorcycle ignition magneto and the bits of an old shoe spreader. I loved incorporating the copper of the magneto into the piece and felt that the spreader bit gave the fish a visual and tactile feel of actual fish skin.

Some of the bits and pieces that make up Magneto Mackerel include saw blades, motorcycle seat brackets, drill bits, ignition magneto, brake springs, chainsaw chain, shoe spreader, horseshoe, tin snips, motorcycle brake disc and other bits whose origins escape my mind.

*Magneto Mackerel will be on display at Christian's solo exhibit beginning August 7th at Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester Vermont. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please email Christian for pricing and shipping information. 

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